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As one of California’s leading cannabis powerhouses, Canndescent is committed to elevating its consumers’ experience through education, consistency, and quality. With seven years of industry experience since its debut in 2015, the brand is a top-rated cannabis flower pre-roll supplier. 

The Canndescent brands family includes Canndescent California, a line of ultra-premium products; goodbrandsTM, a production line committed to sustainability; Baker’s Cannabis Co., a high-quality and affordable product line; and JUSTICE JOINTS, a non-profit that donates all its proceeds to social justice causes.

Canndescent stands out among its competition for its “From Our Grows to Your Door’’ model. All Canndescent products are in-house grown, extracted, manufactured, and packaged. Canndescent products are available at KOLAS, and you can secure your order toady with our cannabis delivery services in Sacramento, CA.

The Canndescent California Product Line

Being the company’s chief brand, Canndescent California has a rich product portfolio with cannabis treats suited to every situation, mood, and experience. As such, the products are categorized according to the user’s desired effect. Available effects include Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge. 

Canndescent CALM 

Cannabis flower products under this effect are designed to soothe you for relief, relaxation, or restful sleep. 

  • Cookie Chem: for mental focus, relaxation, and low-key activity 
  • Garlic Breath: Great for creativity, sleep, and increased appetite 
  • Grease Monkey: Great for evening use, lifting moods, and relieving pain and muscle tension
  • Lava Cake: Great for soothing the mind, relieving pain and muscle tension, and sleep. 

Canndescent CRUISE 

Great for relaxing your mind and keeping up the pace to help you sail through your day. Products under this effect category include Ice Cherry Cookies, Weeding Cake, and SFVTK. 

Canndescent CREATE

It comes in handy when you want to find your muse in gaming, painting, jamming, or any other creative pursuit. Products under the CREATE effect category include TriFi Cookies, Meat Breath, Cherry Punch, and Miracle Alien 1. 

Canndescent CONNECT 

You can always invite a Canndescent CONNECT when meeting with friends for laughs and intimate connections. Products under this effect category include Iced Lemonade and Chem Reserved. 

Canndescent CHARGE 

Ideal when you want to power up for a morning jog or a night out. 

The goodbrandsTM Product Line

goodbrandsTM focuses on fostering sustainability within the cannabis industry. Canndescent intends to achieve its sustainability goal through good practices from production to consumption. 

The company’s state-of-the-art greenhouse infrastructure helps goodbrandsTM harness the control and quality that comes with indoor cultivation as well as the complete terpene profile of sun-natured grow. 

Products hitting the market under the goodbrandsTM brand are pesticide-free pure cannabis flowers harvested at the peak of potency. goodbrandsTM products are packaged and shelved as either flower, joints, or multipacks. They come in Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains. 

The Baker’s Cannabis Co. Product Line

Baker’s Cannabis is where quality meets affordability. Products under this brand name include the following:


This package includes ½ ounce of pre-grounded cannabis flower, crutches, and 40 rolling papers. PUNCHES make it easier for you to roll your joints. 


They come as 1g pre-roll joints with potent cannabis strains. You can buy the pre-rolls as either individually wrapped singles or as 5-packs. 


Baker’s infused pre-rolls are coated with terpenes-infused distillate and THC-rich kief. They are available in 1g singles and 0.8g 3-packs. 

KOLAS Cannabis Delivery Services in Sacramento, CA

With KOLAS cannabis delivery services, you can get your hands on any of the listed Canndescent products without leaving the comfort of your couch. We will deliver your preferred cannabis flower products to your doorstep. 

To get started, pick the Canndescent product of your liking on our online menu, place an order, and take a rest as you await your delivery. Our Canndescent cannabis delivery services are available throughout Elder Creek, Fruitridge, Florin Perkins, Blumenfeld, South Watt, and Main Ave

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Sacramento CA Cannabis Dispensaries

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