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Climb the tiers and earn KOLAS Diamond status in no time!

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Every purchase you make gets you closer to the next KOLAS Club tier of elevated rewards.

You are automatically enrolled if we have your email. Only for KOLAS Family!

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Things To Know

These Kolas Club FAQs incorporate by reference the Kolas Club Terms of Use and Kolas Terms Conditions. Please review these Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions carefully. By accessing or participating in KOLAS Club, you agree to be bound by these terms and all terms incorporated herein by reference. If you do not agree to these terms, do not access or participate in the KOLAS Club program

If you received the KOLAS Club “Coming Soon” email – you are already a member. Welcome! Or – just go to kolas.com/kolasclub and click here to add your email and join automatically!

KOLAS Club is actually better than other programs! Our goal is to help you purchase more of what you want by offering frequent discounts – for every 150 points earnedyou will receive a discount coupon for your Tier level earned, redeemable on your next purchaseor before the coupon expiration date – whichever occurs first. Even better – as you earn more Pinwheel Points,your discount value increases when you reach Gold and Diamond status. The discount coupon is redeemable on all full-priced items (discounted items and promos are excluded unless otherwise noted) and are not to be stacked/combined with other discounts. Each discount coupon will have a clear expiration date for redemption.

We made it easy, again – you get one (1) point for every dollar you spend on products (excluding taxes, which the State requires to be included within the advertised purchase price).Thereis no maximum on the total number of Pinwheel Points you can earn!

Not at the time of launch. Email communication will follow as additional features are added.

We will make it easy by always having your Pinwheel point balance and current Tier level at the checkout register and through our Customer Service Call Center – 916-465-6527. In addition, we will send you occasional emails and/or push notifications (text message and data rates and charges may apply)to alert you when you have earned each of your discount coupons, are close to earning your next discount coupon or Tier achievement.

Tier Levels and Coupons for Discounts

– Silver 0-599 Pinwheel Points [10% off]

– Gold 600-1799 Pinwheel Points [15% off]

– Diamond 1800 Pinwheel Points (20% off]

Simple – we will email them right to your inbox. Once you receive them, you can redeem them on your next purchase however you choose: in-store, delivery, online express or phone orders. Mix it up every time you redeem a coupon!

– KOLAS Club has an identifiable look (just like the store banners and website page). All communications and coupons will follow a similar format. It will state clearly what discount you have received and an expiration date.

Your Pinwheel points begin accumulating from your very first purchase when KOLAS Club officially launches (May 30, 2023). They will continue to accumulate and earn your discounts until December 31. Point totals will automatically reset on January 1.

However – here’s your bonus: as a valued KOLAS Club member, you will keep your earned Tier level at the start of the new term to continue earning the higher discounts. It’s our way of saying “thanks” for being a great KOLAS fan!

Each discount coupon will have a clear expiration date for redemption, but we will give you plenty of time to redeem them.

Your discount coupon will be applied to any full-priced products you purchase at the time of redemption (pre-state and sales taxes) except for “Buy-One” portion of Buy-One-Get-One offers (you will still get the promotional “Get-One” product for noted discount. Other discounts, offers or coupons do not apply at this time (unless noted).

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