Every Kolas Collaboration and Update You Should Know Right Now

Cannabis enthusiasts, get ready for some super exciting news about collaborations and updates!

As you know, Kolas has been all over Sacramento lately. We’re at events, we’re teaming up with amazing brands, and we’re offering better promotions than ever. We’ve seen you around at block parties in Midtown, at events around the city, and at meet-and-greets at our dispensary.

We’ve loved meeting all of you as customers, event attendees, and most importantly, as friends.

It’s our mission to make Sacramento a better, and more cannabis-friendly, place to party, chill, and live.

Here is some information about the collaborations and updates that we are the most excited about!

1. Kolas Dart Pods are coming soon!

Kolas - kolas collaboration - Kolas dart pod

Our next big product drop is coming soon!!
We wanted to take everything you loved about vape pens and give you something even better.
So get excited! Because our Kolas Dart Pods are coming soon to a Kolas or Powered by Kolas dispensary near you.
Kind of like a vape pen, the Kolas Dart Pod will include two components: a battery and a pod. The pod is a lot like cartridges for vape pens, but a little different, and a whole lot better.
Kolas Dart Pods are even more lightweight, compact-looking, and ensures an even smoother experience than your average vape pen.
Enjoy everything you love about the portability, discreet-ability, and convenience of a vape pen but with added perks that make Dart Pods the best choice for a clean taste with hard-hitting effects.
It’s part of the Kolas mission to provide the most innovative and sought-after products that our customers would benefit the most from.
That’s why we make it a special priority to develop products unlike any other and to offer them in a clean, comfortable, and safe environment.
Sign up for our email newsletters to be among the first to know when this product hits the shelves! And until then, call our dispensary or check out our online menu to check out our current product selection. Seriously, it’s changing and growing every day! Don’t miss out!

2. Kolas x Moxie

Kolas - kolas collaboration - Moxie Kolas dart

Love Moxie? Love Kolas? Well, you’re certainly not the only one. Fans of both powerhouse brands can finally get excited about a product that carries the potency, quality, and experience they expect when trying both a Moxie or Kolas product.
The Moxie x Kolas collaboration  includes a premium Dart battery and not one, but TWO Dart Pods! The flavors, Kolas Berry and Kolas Crush, are sure to delight your taste buds and your mind.
Moxie has been providing high-quality cannabis products for quite some time, and we are so happy to be able to team up with them on a product that makes us both proud. Like Kolas, Moxie is highly conscious when it comes to investing in research and education so that their products are the best they can be, their information is as sound as it can be, and their customers are as satisfied as they can be.
That’s why our collaboration product, all of Moxie’s products, and all of the products we carry in our dispensaries are lab-tested to ensure safety and zero pesticides, molds, or harsh chemicals.
You can find more of Moxie’s top-tier products at our dispensary and at any of the Powered by Kolas dispensaries.


3. Kolas x Grizzly Peak Farms x Cannabis Cares

kolas collaboration - Kolas - Grizzly Peak - cannabis cares

If you prefer smoking to vaping, and you feel good when you give back, we have a treat in store for you!
The Kolas collaboration with Grizzly Peak Farms is bringing you the very best flower experience possible. The Kolas Bone is a limited edition pre-roll that you can get exclusively in any Powered by Kolas dispensary.
But the fun doesn’t end there.
For every Kolas Bone that you purchase in our store, a portion of the proceeds will go toward helping the homeless in Sacramento!
We’ve jumped on board with the Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association’s movement to help the homeless called the Cannabis Cares Homeless Initiative.
So every time you purchase a Kolas Bone, you’re helping an organization called the Downtown Streets Team who are helping homeless and low-income people rebuild their lives. This is an organization that’s fighting the systematic issues that create homelessness.
Take a stand and make a difference with Kolas, Grizzly Peak Farms, the Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association, and the Downtown Streets Team.
Click here to read more about what the Cannabis Cares Homeless Initiative is all about.

4. Shoutout to Seven Leaves!

kolas collaboration - Kolas - Seven Leaves

Seven Leaves has been a customer favorite for as long as we’ve stocked their products in our dispensaries.
That’s why we’re proud to feature their brand in our billboard that marks the most popular Powered by Kolas dispensary location in all of Sacramento, the Kolas dispensary!
This environmentally conscious cannabis brand has over 115,000 square footage of indoor cultivation space, all powered by 100% renewable energy.
Their responsible cultivation practices don’t only help our planet, but yield some seriously amazing cannabis products!
We are inspired by brands that are making an effort to help the environment and not contribute to climate change.
It’s brands like Seven Leaves that make us proud to be a dispensary in Sacramento.

5. Kolas x Aftershock

kolas collaboration - Kolas - Aftershock

The big event is coming up!!!
Are you guys getting as excited as we are to rock-n-roll-up-our-joints and head to Aftershock?!
This lineup is going to be insane and we are honored to help sponsor the event for the second year in a row.
The Kolas stage at the festival will showcase greats such as Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Chevelle, Korn, and so many more!
Stop by the big purple Kolas tent at the festival to pick up some complimentary swag and to meet some of the best cannabis brands in California.
Plus, *hint hint*, we maaay be giving out some exclusive coupons that no one else in Sacramento will have access to…
Nothing goes together quite like music and cannabis does, so enjoy an experience of a lifetime at Aftershock this year! We’ll see you there!

6. Kolas x 22Red

kolas collaboration- Kolas - 22red - shavo meet and greet - system of a down

And speaking of music, get excited for the Meet-and-Greet with the bassist of System of a Down, Shavo Odadjian, at Kolas on Thursday, October 10th, from 4-6pm!
Shavo’s cannabis brand, 22Red, will now be available at Kolas and Powered by Kolas dispensaries!
And for this event, the early bird really does get the worm. For the first 100 customers,you can buy a 22Red product and get a 22Red gram of flower for only a dollar!
At Kolas, we are all about any brand that nurtures creativity the way that 22Red does. Cannabis has inspired so many artists, thinkers, and innovators so we love when we can collaborate on events like these.
We are always open to collaborations with talented and successful artists, like Shavo, that support the cannabis movement as much as we do.
You can also feel good knowing that products from 22Red, and every product in our dispensary, has been lab-tested to ensure that it’s safe for consumption and free of pesticides, molds, and harmful chemicals. So you can really enjoy the good vibes with no worries!

7. Kolas x Heavy Grass

kolas collaboration- Kolas - Heavy Grass

All this talk about music and Aftershock is making us want to be extra generous…
That’s why we teamed up with Heavy Grass to offer an awesome promo for any rockstar cannabis explorers on a budget!
We’ll be giving out coupons at our booth at Aftershock so that you can purchase two eighths of Heavy Grass flower for only $45! And if you’re not a mathematician, that’s a 20% discount on their premium, safe, and affordable cannabis flower products.
Experience the HEAVINESS that is Heavy Grass and enjoy completely lab-tested products that are safe from pesticides, molds, and harsh chemicals.

8. Kolas x Sausage Fest

kolas collaboration- Kolas - sausage fest

Sacramento, if you love sausages as much as we do, get excited for the most epic party yet… SAUSAGE FEST!
Hosted by LowBrau, this event will hold a cut-throat sausage-making competition where competitors from the best restaurants in Sacramento will be competing to win the golden weiner! Just kidding, that trophy’s not a thing (but it should be).
In any case, these competitors WILL be competing for bragging rights as the best sausage maker in town.
And as if this event wasn’t already awesome enough, one of the Powered by Kolas’ very own staff members, Shane Lillard, will be competing! We couldn’t be prouder of our multi-talented staff member.

Come by our dispensary any time to check out each and every super exciting Kolas collaboration  with some of our favorite brands in Sacramento!

Are you a cannabis brand that wants to collaborate with us? Contact our awesome marketing team today to find out details on how to work with us to make something awesome!

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We hope to see you soon!