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Best Cannabis Strains for Social Gatherings

Many cannabis consumers find their way to the plant for help with relaxation, sleep, balance and pain management, so it’s often forgotten that it also enhances social situations. Cannabis can help reduce anxiety which allows for more open human interactions, and it’s a great conversation starter in helping the mind be open to discussing new ideas. But what are the cannabis strains for social gatherings?

If you’ve found yourself matted to the wall at social gatherings after a light toke or edible, thus making you reluctant to consume before such engagement, it may be a matter of just finding the fight strain to loosen your personal inhibitions. We will take at five different strains that long time consumers claim turn them give them an uplifting feeling and turn them into social butterflies.

Are Sativa or Indica Strains Better for “Being Social”?

While this is a fair question, the real answer lies in the terpenes profile, as these natural floral compounds dictate whether you feel up, down or somewhere in the middle. Limonene and Pinene are two terpenes that most consumers find have the best uplifting effects, while Myrcene helps with anxiety. Many licensed dispensaries have COAs for each strain they sell – these are lab-testing results which include the terpene profile.

Following are five great small-gathering or rave party starters:

  1. Sour Diesel: This sativa-dominant strain is renowned for its energizing and mood-boosting properties. It often leaves users feeling talkative and sociable, making it ideal for friendly gatherings and big events. Kingpen’s Infused Preroll is a nice blend of Sour Diesel and Lemoncello.
  2. Blue Dream: A longtime favorite and ideal for less frequent cannabis consumers, this gentle hybrid strain provides a nice balance between relaxation and euphoria (as its name suggests). Beyond its use for creativity, it promotes an uplifting and sociable effect – great for those who don’t want to worry and just be happy. Kingpen offers Blue Dream as either a preroll or vape cartridge.
  3. Pineapple Express: Yes – it might be the name of a rollicking movie, but this relatively smooth hybrid combines the best of both sativa and indica effects, providing a relaxed, yet social experience. For a smooth experience, try Gelato Classics vape cartridge.
  4. Tangie: An elite legacy strain for your next cocktail party! Most growers cross a hybrid of California Orange and a Skunk to provide a rich citrus “tangerine” aroma. hybrid. Guaranteed to knock out an overpowering socialite’s perfume. Tangie tastes great whether you smoke it – Aims Sour Tangie preroll – or eat it – Absolute Xtracts Terp Chews.
  5. Strawberry Cough: This fairly potent and euphoric sativa provides an energetic head-high – perfect if you plan to delve into deep conversations at small gatherings. Its sweet strawberry aroma produces thick smoke sometimes leading to its “coughing” namesake. You can get the full burst of sweet strawberry flavor with Platinum’s Live Resin cartridge.

Always note that every person’s experience and desired effect will vary – depending on average usage, dosage and physiology. Try different strains in different products until you find the one that turns you into a great party guest

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