What’s “Green Wednesday”?

What’s “Green Wednesday”?

As Thanksgiving approaches, many people are looking forward to spending quality time with family and friends, expressing gratitude, and indulging in a feast of delicious food. Yet for some, it may be the opposite: dreading having to deal with annoying relatives, gluttonous overeating, and accidentally overindulging in wine and the like.

This year, some may choose to add a unique twist to their Thanksgiving celebrations by incorporating cannabis into the mix (since more states have been legalizing the festive plant). Partaking in a little green herb serves the former Thanksgiving table scenario by increasing the merriment of social gatherings and stimulating a healthy appetite, but it might also cool the chill of negative remarks, whiney nagging and may even slow down the over-consumption of food and drink.

Many local dispensaries are open Thanksgiving Day (and some will deliver such as KOLAS), but why wait? The cannabis industry has created its own version of Black Friday the day before Thanksgiving. So rather than feasting on green eggs and ham (er- turkey) – you can enjoy Green Wednesday!

Why Green Wednesday?

Green Wednesday emerged as a response to the rampant consumerism associated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  It is often seen as a counterbalance to the environmental impact caused by mass consumerism during Thanksgiving week and as a way for people to align with a greener lifestyle. 

So, in 2016, a California cannabis delivery company coined the term Green Wednesday designated a s cannabis’ own major shopping holiday. After all, cannabis is a very green plant. 4/20 still rules as the busiest cannabis holiday of the year, but Green Wednesday is right behind it – expanding every year – a great day to find the best deals or discover new products.

According to statistics and information cited by the cannabis company Verilife, 2022 was a watershed year:

  • sales increased on Green Wednesday nearly 50% compared to the previous Wednesdays during the month (in many legal states).
  • Black Friday sales only increased 1% compared to any other Friday of the year.

A survey of holiday cannabis consumers found that:

  • They would spend a minimum of $100 on cannabis during the holidays.
  • Cannabis would replace alcohol for 65% of them at Thanksgiving.
  • They (54%) planned to consume their cannabis with friends during the holiday.


What’s the Greenest on this Wednesday?

Quick – easy – discrete – portable. These top the wish list for Green Wednesday shoppers. Think prerolls, gummies and vapes.


Instead of having to mess around with pipes, bongs and rolling papers, prerolls are perfect for a quick walk around the block to enjoy the aroma, flavor and effect of your favorite strain. Whether you want to induce your appetite (Lemon Gelato), squelch your appetite (Sour Tangie), or ease your anxiety (Northern Lights), there is a strain already packaged and ready to light.


Gummies are fast becoming the consumer product of choice, and for good reason: they are discrete, flavorful, easy to dose and come in a multitude of desired effects. You can muffle the sound (Camino Sparkling Pear)of your (insert annoying relative here) grating voice, giggle (Camino Pineapple Habanero)through your meal or just relax (Care By Design Relax)after your hard-fought knife and fork battle. Don’t forget to microdose if you have to leave early, partake in alcohol or may eventually be driving. 


A quick hit and you’re on your way! Vape pens fit neatly in your pocket or purse, and if you bring a disposable, you don’t have to worry about twisting on a battery. Vapes are the perfect candidate for a gently easy feeling throughout the day – just a short hit every so often will keep you steady but completely functional. Plus, they work great during a bathroom visit!

Be Responsible

It’s essential to prioritize responsible cannabis use during Thanksgiving celebrations. Don’t mysteriously add cannabis to an unknowing guest’s food or drink. And if you will by driving, know your potential departing time in advance so all the effects have worn off before you transport yourselves or loved ones. If you are unsure of any cannabis product’s effects, go small – microdose!

Ultimately, a green Thanksgiving can be a unique way to express gratitude and create lasting memories with friends and family – annoying family members notwithstanding…

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