Why Cheaper Cannabis Does NOT Mean Safe for Consumption

Why Cheaper Cannabis Does NOT Mean Safe for Consumption

Cannabis is becoming increasingly popular, and Sacramento’s premier cannabis provider KOLAS offers consumers a safe and reliable way to purchase lab-tested cannabis products. Being a regulated provider, KOLAS is subject to the same stringent production and testing standards as those the State of California has created for all cannabis suppliers. This is why cheaper cannabis does NOT mean safe.

When purchasing cannabis products through KOLAS, customers can rest assured that the products have been tested for pesticides, mold, mildew, and other dangerous chemicals that can be added to cannabis in the “grey” market. The tests consist of 166 panels that must pass 100% to the billionth particle. KOLAS ensures that all of its products have been safely and properly cultivated, manufactured, and transported to meet the highest and latest standards established by the State of California.

The stringent testing process for cannabis products that KOLAS utilizes allows for a buyer to be confident that their products are free from any contaminants, including those from illicit sources. This high level of quality control ensures that each product is safe for consumers. KOLAS – as a cannabis retail leader – works tirelessly to ensure that safe accessible cannabis is provided through an altruistic concern for consumer safety

Visit your nearest neighborhood KOLAS cannabis dispensary to learn more.

Happy New Year from your favorite cannabis provider KOLAS. And remember to keep up with our blogs for better education and a wiser inhalation and consumption experience.

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