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Lowell Pre-roll Pack Social Sativa 3.5g

Lowell Farms Products: Fast Delivery throughout Sacramento, CA

Lowell Farms produces some of the best cannabis products for the legal market in Sacramento, California. 

You get to choose from proprietary Classic packs, Sun Grown Flower, pre-rolls, Vape, Hashish, and Rosin, among other products. All the products are obtained from hemp grown with sustainable and natural materials.

Here at KOLAS, our goal is to ease the process of buying Lowell Farms products. You don’t have to go through the hustle of looking for a dispensary that stocks them – just pick a Lowell Farms product from our online store and leave the rest to us.

Classic Packs

Experience the creative Sativa from Lowell Smokes. These finely crafted, transparent, and modern packs are filled with Lowell Farms’ award-winning sun-grown cannabis. 

Sun Grown Flower

The top shell flower is an extract from Lowell farms cannabis and is grown naturally using organic material, free from artificially made pesticides. The cannabis flowers are enclosed in food-grade glass to ensure purely obtained products.

Individual Pre-roll

With one gram of artisan craft cannabis, the all-flower Indica pre-rolls are good for both beginners and connoisseurs. They have no trim or shake and take up the shape of the other pre-roll in the market.

Infused Pre-roll

Get the satisfaction of a full cannabis experience with a curated effect-based blend on Lowell Farms’ Infused Pre-rolls. The infused happy hybrid contains an artisanal hash, and you’ll enjoy every bit of the Lowell smokes.

Timeless Bubble Hashish

The timeless bubble is versatile, flavorful, and contains a classic hash. It has the experience of the early B.C Hashishians and the old days of Parisian Hash Clubs and Woodstock.

Full-Melt Hashish

Ingrained with Sativa, the cannabis extract is made with high-quality hash. It preserves natural trichomes and contains rich cannabis flavors and resins.

Age Cured Rosin

Lowell’s Aged Cured Rosin is a hybrid extract from subsequent presses of Full-Melt Hash. It’s crafted by curing small batches and storing the rosin in ideal conditions.

Artisanal Live Rosin

Lowell’s Live Rosin is ideal for you if you are looking for a powerful and dynamic experience. It’s obtained by pressing Full-Melt Hash in monoterpenes. 

510 Cart

Enjoy the extra virgin, hybrid and cold pressed cannabis oil. The liquid live rosin is a non-distillate solventless extract from cannabis flowers with a full spectrum cartridge.

Solventless Vape

If you love vaping, Solventless Live Rosin Vape may suit you. The product is extracted from cannabis flowers and requires no solvents while using it.

Quicks Eighth Packs

Lowell farms have also curated .35 smokes that perfectly blend and provide a relaxed or “short escape” experience. It’s a collection of 10 smokes you can enjoy alone or with friends.


Besides the Californian pre-rolls, you can get a limited edition of Lowell exclusives by directly purchasing from the source.

Order Your Lowell’s Farm Cannabis Products Today!

At KOLAS, we make it easy for you to get your hands on Lowell Farms products. Whether you’re looking for sun-grown flower, pre-rolls, Vape, hashish, or rosin, we’ve got you covered. 

Easily place your order and have your cannabis delivered to Sacramento, CA, and its surroundings. KOLAS cannabis dispensary opens between 7 am and 9 pm every day. We offer doorstep cannabis delivery services in Blumenfeld, Elder Creek, South Watt, Fruitridge, Main Ave, or Florin Perkins.

Sacramento CA Cannabis Dispensaries

Visit one of our six Sacramento showrooms — open daily 7 AM – 9 PM

KOLAS Blumenfeld

1220 Blumenfeld Drive
Sacramento, CA 95815

License #C10-0000291-LIC


1704 Main Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95838

License #C10-0000348-LIC


6666 Fruitridge Road
Sacramento, CA 95820

License #C10-0000099-LIC


1760 Challenge Way
Sacramento, CA 95815

License #C10-0001050-LIC


6435 Florin Perkins Road
Sacramento, CA 95828

License #C10-0000413-LIC


8848 Fruitridge Road
Sacramento, CA 95826

License #C10-0000350-LIC

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