The new normal is here: Largest marijuana megastore in Sacramento region to open in Arden area

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A brand-new marijuana megastore – and the largest cannabis dispensary in the Sacramento region – is opening for business, and many say it is a sign of how much the industry has grown.KOLAS, a major cannabis company, is behind the 7,700 square-foot store in the Arden area. Pot products, from pre-rolls to gummies to flowers, line the walls and inside displays. But KOLAS Marketing and Communications Director Eric Luchini said the new location is not only about making sales; there is also an emphasis on education.”The ‘canna-curious is the fasting-growing group now,” Luchini said. “They’re on the fence, they’re going, I’m just waiting for somebody to educate me, bring me in, let me know how to use it, what I need, what to expect.”That is why certain areas of the dispensary are dedicated to teaching customers.

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