The Women of KOLAS

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We’ve come a long way Sacramento— and we say: “It’s Alright”

The Women of KOLAS

Sacramento is biding to be the king of cannabis in California. But the future of cannabis is female – so bring on the lioness!

Hearing the word “cannabis” conjures up a bevy of stereotypical images drawn from the past. Its most striking famous faces are predominantly those of men: humorous, scary, shadowy, “spacey.”

Yet in an industry consumed with inherent challenges, being a woman is not among them. In fact, gender disparity might still be an issue elsewhere, but not around the amazing cannabis plant. And never at KOLAS where all-embracing diversity, inclusion and career pathing are matter-of-fact.

The Women of KOLAS bring expertise from a variety of business fields, as well as much-needed perspective, passion and a professional work ethic. Women dominate the KOLAS power ranks: two-thirds of directors and store management teams are women powered!

With shifting public attitudes driving a trend of increasingly sophisticated packaging and clear labeling information – all with women in mind – the KOLAS ladies are bringing it home. They are at the forefront of product conception, design input, production, retail and vendor sales, education and customer service.

The femme future is even brighter for all the KOLAS daughters, moms and grandmothers. Where once there was a stigma – especially for females – the famous plant is no longer the proverbial forbidden fruit, as it can positively impact women’s health, well-being and happiness.

The Women of KOLAS are moving Sacramento—hear them roar!

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