June 2021

Anthony Martinez


We sat down with Anthony Martinez, Cannabis Specialist at Florin Perkins / Fruitridge and KOLAS Brand Ambassador and here’s what he had to say:

Q: How long have you been with KOLAS and how did you hear about us? A: I’ve been with KOLAS since October of 2020. Which would put me around 8 months with the company. Funny story; I used to shop at KOLAS as a patient prior to working here and the pandemic!
I received a text message one day re: “sign up for classes now!! $420 value!!!” And I remember thinking ‘oh how cute, I get it “420”! So I called in and I don’t remember which location I spoke to but I was told to come to the University (then, located across from Arden Fair mall).

Q. Has KOLAS helped develop your career? A: KOLAS IS my career! As someone who was scraping, fighting and clawing to get into the industry… I was so demoralized – can you imagine a 32 year old, big dude like myself, crying?! I would come home and cry to my significant other “they don’t even like me! I’m never going to find a place to belong to or that understands me all the same”.
As a patient there were aspects to the industry that I knew I wanted to be a part of. Then there were things I knew I could change in myself; I just wanted to set the bar higher than where I had (or hadn’t) been before.

Q: Advice to your peers who are also interested in growing with KOLAS? A: Stick to the path and trail in front of you. Don’t get lost in workplace drama – it’s the same that can be applied to Life. No one wants extra stuff added to their day if they can help it.

Q. Do you have a favorite KOLAS memory? A: To be honest there isn’t a single memory that trumps all the others. I will say that my store, which is Florin Perkins / Fruitridge, is like family to me. I’m 32 and I’ve never had people surprise me and sing Happy Birthday to me… let alone inviting ALL co-workers. That I can now proudly call Family.

Q. Tell everyone what your favorite product to buy at KOLAS is? A: I recently started a love affair with Claybourne brand after being committed to Phinest for the longest time! But I also love KIVA for a sweets fix and KOROVA for baked goodies! SERRA chocolates are also a fav.

Q. What do you wish for KOLAS in the future? A: I think it would be cool to have big screens with our menu and prices displayed somehow in the lobby. Or, maybe two displays like that in the showroom, that show our prices. I feel people still feel “left in the wind” when they can’t see a price tag.

Q. Final thought to share? A: I’m going to continue working hard until I can either be a co-owner or expand our stores and manage a few of them.

LaRita Hobson

Getting to know:


We sat down with LaRita to learn moreabout her roles as an Administrative Project Manager of Construction and Property Manager at KOLAS!

Q: Your role here at CCM/KOLAS, and when did you join the KOLAS Family? A: I currently wear two hats here at CCM/KOLAS. I am Administrative Project Manager of Construction as well as Property Manager. I joined the KOLAS family in August of 2020, during the height of COVID.

Q. What has been your favorite project so far? A: I wouldn’t say I have a favorite project, we have so many aspects in business that each new opportunity of growth is extremely exciting. However my best part of each project as a whole is passing inspections.

Q. How has KOLAS helped you in your career development? A: KOLAS has helped my career tremendously! I have been able to accelerate with the KOLAS family in such a short period of time. With my experience I have received on the job training & growth. Which gives me security in the future of KOLAS!

Q. Has cannabis helped you? Please explain. A: A: I have always been a cannabis connoisseur. So it has helped me maintain throughout life, while I inhale the good-ish, and exhale the bull-ish.

Q. If you could pick a theme for KOLAS to turn into a book about the company, what would it be? A: As much as I enjoy a good read, I would actually turn KOLAS into a sitcom. It would fall somewhere between the plot of Weeds and Disjointed. It would be titled “Purple Haze”; with the Jimi Hendrix song as the theme music. And, me as the narrator of course.

Q. Do you have a favorite line from a movie to share? A: “I can roll a Blunt better than them b*tches in Havana!”
– Next Friday, Uncle Elroy


featuring our Cannabis Specialists, from each store, who received the most 5-Star Google reviews!

KOLAS Blumenfeld

Total Mentions in May: 21
Top Budtender(s) Mentioned:
Mama T (5)

KOLAS Fruitridge/66

Total Mentions in May: 26
Top Budtender(s) Mentioned:
Ramon (4)

KOLAS Florin Perkins/Elder Creek

Total Mentions in May: 83
Top Budtender(s) Mentioned:
Stanley (60), Natasha (5)

KOLAS Main Ave

Total Mentions in May: 30
Top Budtender(s) Mentioned:
Jamal (4), Zach (4), Ian (4)

KOLAS Florin Perkins/Fruitridge

Total Mentions in May: 26
Top Budtender(s) Mentioned:
Anthony (10)

KOLAS Fruitridge/South Watt

Total Mentions in May: 11
Top Budtender(s) Mentioned:
Christopher (4)

Birthdays & Milestones


Nellina Tate - 05/07 - Birthday
Matt Haines - 05/15 - Birthday
Kevin McCarty - 05/19 - Birthday
Aurelia Bones - 05/06 - 2 year anniversary
Kimberly Timmons - 05/18 - 1 year anniversary
James Rivera - Passed the California Bar!!
Diana Argueta - 05/17 - Promoted to Call Center Supervisor
Caleb Riley - 05/17 - Promoted to Manager of the Call Center

Blumenfeld + Delivery

Jermaine Guyton - 05/18 - Birthday
Zachary Westhauser - 05/28 - Birthday


Zachary Riding - 05/01 - Birthday
Chelsea Keola - 05/14 - Birthday
Danae Burrows - 05/29 - Birthday


Mark Monoarfa - 05/11 - Birthday
Desiree Lopez - 05/14 - 1 year anniversary
Zachary Cain - 05/25 - Promoted to Training Specialist

Florin Perkins Fruitridge

Rebecca Trevor - 05/09 - Birthday
Katelyn Mackay - 05/26 - Birthday
Tamana Attai - 05/27 - Birthday
Alex Lopez - 05/09 - 5 year anniversary


Kaycee Schenkerberg - 05/20 - Birthday
Kelsee Hammonds - 05/22 - Birthday
Ian Pearson - 05/22 - 1 year anniversary
Kelsie Hammonds - 05/29 - 1 year anniversary
Kaycee Schenkerberg - 05/24 - Promoted to Inventory Manager


Maria Moreno - 05/06 - Birthday
Vanessa Vansteyn - 05/21 - Birthday


Michael Mnatsakanian - 05/07 - Birthday
Michael Mnatsakanian - 05/07 - 1 year anniversary
Stratford Gutierrez - 05/10 - 1 year anniversary


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