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High-Quality and Affordable Buddies Cannabis Products In Sacramento, CA

Buddies is one of those brands you can count on to deliver a genuine cannabis vibe. The West Coast brand boasts decades of industry experience. Its product portfolio offers a holistic and unparalleled marijuana experience. 

With years of experience in both cultivation and processing, Buddies has mastered the skills and craftsmanship of the cannabis industry. According to its website, the company’s vision is to change the narrative around marijuana by advocating for transparency.

Cannabis products branded, marketed, and shelved under the Buddies brand are among the MOST affordable options on the market. 

KOLAS brings you all Buddies cannabis products and accessories at wallet-friendly prices. With our cannabis delivery services in Sacramento, CA, you can have your purchases delivered to your doorstep today! These products include:

Vape Cartridges 

Buddies uses CCELL for all its 510-thread vape products. The cartridges are designed to deliver flavorful vapor and large clouds for a wide range of viscosity, particularly high viscosity, without compromises. 

The company’s vape cartridges are leakproof, require zero maintenance, and are made with medical and food-grade materials. You will not need to pre-heat, and the content will vaporize to the very last drop. 

The cartridges go well with Buddies’ Live Distillate, Liquid Diamonds Live Resin, and Distillate + CDT. 

All-In-One Vapes 

Buddies’ all-in-one vape pens are rechargeable. They come with Liquid Diamond Live Resin or distillate + cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT). Each pen has a capacity of 500mg, inclusive of the battery. 

The vape pen’s casing is made of stainless steel, a quartz glass tank, and it’s powered by an XPro ceramic coil. Other notable features include the battery’s 330mAh capacity, a Micro USB charging port, and a built-in LED indicator.


There are three flagship products under this category: Crumble, Cured Resin, and Live Resin. Crumble is made from cured, dried whole flowers for a gush of flavor. Cured Resin is extracted from indoor-grown flowers for a rich profile of terpenes. 

Buddies Live Resin dabs are made from whole cannabis flowers, frozen fresh at harvest to preserve flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids in their live state.


Buddies cannabis flower is organically grown in Santa Cruz County in Northern California. It’s cultivated in native soil under natural light for high quality and potency. 

Soft Gels 

There are two types of cannabis soft gels in Buddies’ product portfolio: THC Distillate Soft Gel and Liquid Diamond Soft Gel. Both products are pharmaceutical grade. 


Buddies ingestible come as either 1000mg tinctures or 50mg jellies. The tinctures are made using marijuana extract, all-natural flavors, botanically derived terpenes, and MCT oil. On the other hand, Jellies are infused with strain-specific terpenes and distillate. 


Another way of experiencing Buddies cannabis expertise and quality is by trying its Liquid Diamond Live Resin and Distillate + CDT drippers. These drippers will go a long way in keeping your vape pen functional. 

Fire & Ice Roll On Topical 

The 1:1 (250MG THC/ 250mg CBD) topical products are wellness champions. They are all-natural, long-lasting, and deliver a kick of therapeutic strength. Being non-greasy, the Fire & Ice has an easy roller application. 

KOLAS Cannabis Delivery Services in Sacramento CA 

You can get any of these Buddies products delivered to you today with our KOLAS cannabis delivery services in Sacramento, CA. Simply call us or complete an order in our online store and wait for your delivery at home. We also have dispensaries in BlumenfeldElder CreekSouth WattFruitridgeMain AveFlorin Perkins & more locations.

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