Drops Gummies: A Product of Sustainable Farming and Quality Cannabis

drops-logoDrops Gummies, a product exclusively made with cannabis grown at Smoky Flower Farm™ in Oregon and offered by Drops Candies, is a testament to the power of outdoor farming and its benefits–sustainability, economy, and plant resilience. These principles, which guided the farm’s 30 years of experience as vintners in the Willamette Valley, make Smoky Flower Farm™ one of Oregon’s premier cannabis grows.

Drops Candies – A Journey To Natural Cannabis

Drops Candies began with a mission to make the most natural cannabis-infused edibles on the market. Their commitment to quality and sustainability is reflected in every product they create, including their drops gummies.

The Harvest Process

Drops Gummies’ journey begins with the cannabis harvest. The plants are carefully de-leafed and quickly flash-frozen with dry ice. The frozen plants are processed into Live Rosin, which is a solventless concentrate with a full spectrum of flavor and effects. This flash-freezing method preserves terpenes that would otherwise be lost in traditional drying and curing processes, and also prevents the plant material from decomposing.

Living Soils

Drops Candies and Smoky Flower Farm™ focus on creating a thriving ecosystem in their soil. They use a layering technique instead of tilling to avoid disrupting soil habitats and plant cover crops to provide new habitats, nutrients, and aeration. They only use naturally derived fertilizers, pest control, and disease control methods. These include items such as compost tea, chicken manure, and essential oils such as cinnamon.

Leaf & Soil Samples

Soil and leaf samples are analyzed in a lab to determine the specific nutrients needed for each strain. This information is used to create a unique fertilizing regimen for each strain.

Sun Grown Cannabis

Farming outdoors has multiple advantages, such as decreasing carbon emissions and expenses in contrast to indoor cultivation. Plants grown outside are stimulated to enhance their immunity. They develop sturdy trunks to cope with changing winds and produce terpenes to resist pests and diseases. Sunlight, unlike grow lights, provides a wider range of rays, which help in the development of buds throughout the entire plant.

Where To Buy Drops Gummies?

At KOLAS, a leading cannabis retailer, we proudly offer Drops Gummies as part of our product lineup. Our expert team is here to help you find the ideal cannabis product for your needs. Shop for Drops Gummies online or visit us in store today to enjoy premium, sustainable cannabis products.

Drops 20pk Lime Gummies 100mg: A Flavorful and Potent Experience

Drops 20pk Lime Gummies 100mg, available at KOLAS, is a popular choice for those seeking a unique, enjoyable cannabis experience. Infused with THC and bursting with refreshing lime flavor, these gummies offer both a delightful taste and a potent effect.

These lime-flavored gummies are a treat for the senses. Each gummy delivers a burst of tangy lime flavor, offering a refreshing contrast to the earthy undertones of cannabis. And with 100 milligrams of THC per pack, these gummies deliver an intense experience.

Enjoy a few for a light, buzzy high or indulge in the entire package for more intense effects.

KOLAS – Your Source for Premium Cannabis

Whether you’re looking for Drops Gummies or something else, KOLAS is your source for premium cannabis products. Our wide selection of high-quality products ensures you can find the perfect product to meet your needs.

Make KOLAS part of your wellness journey and explore our collection today. Our expert team looks forward to helping you find the ideal cannabis product!

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