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Grizzly Peak is a California-based cannabis brand that specializes in growing, packaging, and distributing its farmed and handcrafted proprietary-owned genetic cannabis strains.

While the brand was officially launched as a licensed cannabis operator in 2017, its team of master growers has over 30 years of cannabis growing experience and expertise. All Grizzly Peak’s cannabis plants are grown in a state-of-the-art indoor facility for high-quality genetic strains.

The brand specializes in offering both recreational and medical cannabis products. Grizzly Peak has a long product line comprising premium pre-rolls, eighths & strains, and cub nugs & one gram bag products.

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Grizzly Peak Premium In-Door Products

Grizzly Peak is the go-to brand for those who love the awe of the marijuana culture. The brand does a great job of preserving California’s cannabis culture, which dates back to the 60s. That explains why the company name pays tribute to the Grizzly Peak summit in Berkley Hills, famous for seeding the marijuana smoking culture. 

Every Grizzly Peak product is prepared to deliver a nostalgic taste of quality with every hit. To achieve and maintain the high quality of its products, the brand grows all its plants in-house from seed to maturity for the most unique proprietary-owned genetic strains. 

Grizzly insists on having total control over the whole process, from cultivation to packaging, branding, and distribution. 

Below are the broad categories of Grizzly products. Under each category lies a variety of single products that you can order and have our Sacramento cannabis delivery service team drop your package at your doorstep. 

  • Eighth Jars

This is the longest and most popular product line by Grizzly Peak. Eighth Jars is essentially a selection of premium cannabis flowers. 

Single brand products under this category include Big Steve’s OG, Black Scotti, Big Steve Egyptian Kush, Candela, Buddha’s Hand, Chun-Li OG, Froyo, Double Trouble, Good Lyfe, Green Lantern, Grizzly OG, Grease Runtz, Milk Bar, Matcha, Marshmallow, and a host of many more. 

Every brand jar comes with a unique flavor, color, taste, aroma, and effect. You can choose any of the jars under this category to match your moods. 

  • Cub Nugs 

These are essentially packs of small genetic cannabis buds that offer smokers great value on a lean budget. 

There are two products under this category; Cub nugs 5g and Cub nugs 3.5g. The 5g cub nugs feature small buds and sugar trims which are ideal for indoor smokers on outdoor budgets. The 3.5g cub nugs bags come with a premium indoor flower at a very affordable price. 

  • 7 Packs 

These are premium pre-roll multipacks with seven half-gram pre-rolls each. Each roll contains superior flower ready for a hit. The packs are magnetically sealed in heavy-duty reusable slider boxes. Each box comes with 3.5 grams of premium indoor flower. 

  • Grizzly Bones

Grizzly bones are single pre-rolls of 100% premium indoor flower. There are five categories of Grizzly bones: Sativa, Shatter, Indica, Grateful, and Big Steve Bone. 

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