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Purchasing cannabis is now easier than it has ever been. Jetty cannabis products are readily available across California and are entirely licensed and compliant to make high-quality medicinal cannabis products. Jetty Extracts is a cannabis extraction and processing company. Jetty was created in 2013 and maintains a premier cannabis extraction and processing plant in Oakland, California. It produces one of the most trusted cannabis extract brands, which was supplied to over 600 California dispensaries in 2017.

All Jetty Pure Vape cartridges have been lab tested and found to contain 65-75% THC. Jetty Pure vape cartridges come in a wide range of strains. Jetty has recently begun selling high-concentration mixes of CBD oil vape cartridges if you enjoy medicating with potent CBD strains.

Jetty’s key concentration is on research and development, and it puts forth a lot of effort to create and distribute new, user-friendly goods. Jetty products have High Effectiveness, Intense Flavor, Cartridge Design is Durable and Comfortable, and High-Quality Concentrate.


KOLAS is happy to provide our clients with a diverse range of jetty goods. We have prerolls, pax era capsules, concentrate, and oil applicators to meet your needs.

Furthermore, we distribute Jetty Cannabis Products around Shingle Springs, so you may experience a high without leaving your house.


Jetty’s product line includes several items. The brand stands for high-quality daily marijuana goods. Jetty’s THC-focused products are available as extracts and vape pens.


Jetty Solventless Vape is created from live rosin extracted with ice, water, heat, and pressure. It is purified for optimum efficacy and gives the genuine essence of the plant from beginning to end. These cartridge vapes are among Jetty’s most popular items. They include high concentrations of THC and CBD-infused oils. Available in 1g and 5g. Sour strawberry solventless gives a pleasant soothing full-body.


Jetty UNREFINED is made from 100% live resin extracted in our lab to capture more of the chemicals contained in living plants. Uncut and undistilled, encompassing a wide range of natural plant components for a potent entourage high.


The Dablicator (Oil Applicator), whichever you use it, is an excellent way to disburse concentrate. Cannabis technology called dablicators functions much like an insulin pen. An oil pool is visible in the top chamber, which shows a lined plunger discharges a thin spray of oil from the metal tip. They feel solid in hand and are very simple to use after a little learning curve. High THC oil is made in Oakland from cannabis cultivated on small farms in the sun. It includes Pineapple Express HIGH THC Cartridge, Alien OG HIGH THC Cartridge, Blue Dream HIGH THC Cartridge, and many more.


Oil is made by hand for high-end hardware. Our PAX Era Pod range is the “art” of smart cannabis vaping. The PAX Era is a small, portable vaporizer that supplies cannabis to users via pre-filled pods. Jetty High THC is a well-known Kush family member; it starts with an upbeat, euphoric feeling before transitioning into a deep state of relaxation.


Jetty Resin Live Prerolls combine flower and oil in ways that highlight the strains, bringing them distinct tastes and boosting potency. It’s always trim-free, small-farm flower enhanced with uncut, whether cake with cake or gasoline with fuel.


Jetty concentrates are handcrafted in tiny amounts from excellent fresh frozen cannabis. We strive for solid taste and diverse terpene profiles, and we never start with a fixed menu. In restricted quantities indicates a range of concentration kinds, such as rosin, sauce, sugar, or diamonds.” Tropical Punch is a hybrid of Tropaya and Banana Punch. It gives a tingling, euphoric high from this satiating Sativa.


You may easily place your order and have your cannabis delivered to Shingle Springs and the nearby areas. Every day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., the KOLAS cannabis dispensary is open. We bring Jetty cannabis products to your door in   in BlumenfeldElder CreekSouth WattFruitridgeMain Ave, Florin Perkins. & more locations.

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