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Are you ready to jump into the exciting game-changing world of legal cannabis? If you have a passion for people and believe cannabis elevates life, get cannabis-certified through KOLAS University.

KOLAS University trains individuals seeking a career in the cannabis industry – particularly those in the public-facing service sector: cannabis specialists (budtenders), brand ambassadors and sales associates.

Since May 2019, KOLAS University has graduated and certified over 150 cannabis specialists and brand ambassadors – most who have since joined the ranks of cannabis dispensaries and vendors. A KOLAS University certificate moves your application to the top of the resume heap!


A Thoughtful and Methodical Approach


By utilizing interactive and participatory techniques to complement knowledge-centric workshops, this complete immersive learning approach is unique to the cannabis industry:

Students engage in group discussions, research and present cannabis product assignments to the class, then interact and practice in a simulated working environment particular to their specific job profile.

Students are ultimately evaluated on their interactive skills and take a final written exam to graduate with an official Kolas University certificate.




4 participatory workshops

  • Cannabis 101
  • Cannabinoids & Terpenes
  • Product Categories
  • Stellar Sales & Service

Interactive training

  • Product teach-back presentation
  • Hands-on role-play and evaluation

Independent study & final exam

Course Options

  1. Complete Program (with certification)
  2. Individual Participatory Workshops only (non-certification)
  3. Customized Leadership Programs (TBD)



KOLAS University – A Community Partnership

KOLAS University is a community campus with professional academic training for cannabis employees and educational forums for the public. It is founded on the unity of cannabis pedigree and professional business expertise.

KU’s mission is to enlighten minds and elevate lives through proper understanding of cannabis – removing its negative stigma and learning about its positive impact on the community.



Meet Dana Caylor,
KOLAS University’s Training and Education Director, CTC


She created and launched the initial KOLAS University training program – developing the coursework content and conducting training workshops which feature practical application and realistic simulations that enable new employees and managers to become confident successful performers.

As a former decade-long Business Manager and executive trainer for AAA, she received recognition for sales and membership growth – leading her teams in providing stellar customer experiences in a retail environment. She began her managerial career at VSP (Vision Service Plan) where she received several Legendary Leader awards for recognition of projects and effective leadership.

She entered the pre-recreational cannabis industry in 2017 as Executive Sales Director for bSeen (a wholesale sales and distribution company). Her corporate organizational expertise brought leadership and structure to develop business normalization.

Dana personifies passion in all her personal and professional endeavors quoting herself: “Follow your heart – it will always lead you in the right direction.” As a professional vocalist in a performing band, she naturally sings from her heart. With her larger-than-life voice and personality, don’t let her small size fool you.


Call 916-46KOLAS for more info or email us at info@kolasuniversity.com