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Wide Open Walls artists give Sacramento a burst of color

Despite a pandemic, Sacramento held its fifth annual Wide Open Walls this year, a project dedicated to larger-than-life murals painted throughout the city. Founder David Sobon received more than 400 artist applicants for this year’s event, which included both emerging and seasoned artists. This year 30 different artists were featured according to the Wide Open Walls website, most of which are local to Sacramento.

Sacramento Magazine

The Face of The Cannabis Industry

Sacramento Magazine presents “Faces of Sacramento” for 2020, a unique opportunity to show the faces behind some of the city’s notable businesses.

Medical Daily

More Seniors Exploring Cannabis Use

As of 2020, 33 states have legalized at least one form of cannabis; its use is spreading across all age ranges of adults. Several studies have shown surprisingly strong uptake by senior citizens across the country, increasing each year. As many as 1 in 20 senior citizens in America are exploring marijuana products. Let's take a look at how they’re using them and why.

Comstock's Magazine

The Cannabis Recession Test

This economic collapse offers the first trial of how the legal recreational weed industry performs in a downturn. In an economy that’s been on the downturn since mid-March, not many Sacramento businesses can report a spring of sunny sales numbers. Two cannabis companies that Jeffrey Dillon co-owns — Stillworx Cannabis Refinery and Condorz, a distributor — are among the few.

Sacramento News & Review

Ready to launch?

Sacramento is one of several California municipalities promoting social equity in the legal cannabis industry. Money and privilege are still viewed as two vehicles that allow certain businesses to thrive and build market share in this projected new industrial boom. The city is working to diminish barriers for individuals who traditionally have lacked both.

Weedz Magazine

Sacramento Shop Puts Veterans and Community First

“We want to affect change,” says Dennis Luong, marketing director at Kolas. Passionate, driven and working toward bettering community, Kolas keep active in local programs such as joining the Cannabis Cares Program in setting a goal to raise $100,000 toward the Sacramento homeless initiative.

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