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Papa & Barkley. Unwind, relax, and EnjoyPapa & Barkley Cannabis Products: Fast Delivery throughout Sacramento, CA 

Papa & Barkley was founded on the notion that nature provides the safest and purest products. It is this belief that drives the company and everything they produce.

With a vast range of cannabis categories on offer, both medical and recreational users will find something that fits their needs with Papa & Barkley.

At KOLAS, we blend into the cannabis industry by exclusively offering you cannabis delivery services around the Sacramento, CA, area. 

Our Papa & Barkley cannabis delivery services are present throughout Blumenfeld, Elder Creek, South Watt, Fruitridge, Main Ave, and Florin Perkins.

THC and CBD Tropical Products 

Papa & Barkley Topical products are meant to alleviate joint pains through topical application to the skin. 

Your options include:  

  • CBD Relief Balm: Provides a cooling sensation and ultimate comfort for stiffness, muscle soreness, and pain.
  • THC Relief Balm: Relieves acute pain and provides ultimate comfort. It’s ideal for menstrual cramps and pain.
  • THC Relief Body Oil: Offers soothing relief for stiff joints and muscle soreness
  • Relief Repair Cream: Hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. The moisturizing cream is ideal for combating redness and anti-aging effects on the face.
  • THC Releaf Body Lotion: Relieves muscles soreness, moisturizes and soothes the skin

These products are blended with other beneficial ingredients, including eucalyptus and peppermint.

Papa & Barkley Transdermal Products 

  • THC Releaf Patch: A potent and long-lasting pain relief patch. Its psychoactivity level ranges from minimal to moderate
  • CBD Releaf Patch: Alleviates  joint discomfort and muscle soreness
  • THC Releaf Patch: Relieves headaches and body aches for a balanced and long-lasting relief.
  • CBD Releaf Patch: Relieves joint and muscle soreness. It has no psychoactivity effects on you.

Papa & Barkley Edibles

Papa & Barkley Chocolate bars are crafted with unique ingredients and flavors to give you a delicious taste. Their psychoactivity level ranges from moderate to high. 

Flavors include:

  • Caramel filled milk 
  • Salted almond dark 
  • Mango macadamia nut milk 
  • Coconut caramel milk 

Other options include CBN sleep relief chocolate and Releaf milk chocolate bars.

Cannabis Infused Gummies

The delicious chews have a psychoactivity level of moderate to heavy, and they are made with the following potent ingredients: 

  • Sour peach 
  • Watermelon chili
  • Lychee
  • Pineapple ginger
  • Others include CBN sleep Releaf gummies for relieving sleep.

Papa & Barkley Ingestible Products

If you prefer taking supplements, the dispensary provides you with THC capsules that are potent in alleviating pain, stress, and anxiety, among other functions. The capsules are infused with heavy psychoactive THC content. They include:

  • THC25,50 and 100 Releaf capsules
  • CBD relief soft gels
  • THC and CBD relief oils, among other products.

Order Your Papa & Barkley Cannabis Products Today!

Papa & Barkley has a wide range of cannabis products that aid skin care, alleviate pain, and relieve the body.

If you need delivery on the effective and potent cannabis edibles, topicals, ingestible and transdermal products, we have them all in store for you. 

Make your request today, and we’ll bring the product where you are.

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