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ClaybourneClaybourne Cannabis Products: Fast Delivery throughout Sacramento, CA

A leading cannabis products company in Southern California, our Claybourne cannabis delivery service ticks all the boxes when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

You get to choose from a vast line of quality products including gold cuts, powerline, extracts flyers, and big and small buds

At KOLAS, we aim to get the Claybourne products to your proximity throughout the Sacramento, CA area. Place an order in our easy-to-use online store and get it delivered to your doorstep in no time!

Our Claybourne Cannabis Products delivery service is available throughout Blumenfeld, Elder Creek, South Watt, Fruitridge, Main Ave, and Florin Perkins.

Gold Cuts Certified Banger

Gold cuts are obtained from organically bred plants to deliver high potency and signature flavors. The certified bangers undergo curing for 300 hours and are hand-trimmed to maximize on trichome. You can select a strain of Gold cuts from an in-depth breakdown that includes Wintergreen Supreme, Tropic Fury, the Judge, Vanilla Dice, and Ice cream Paint Job.

High-Quality Buds

Claybourne provides you with a package of buds packed in a premium selection.

Premium Flower

Claybourne Premium Flower contains a 100% indoor-grown and 3rd party tested premium cannabis flower, with full cannabinoid and terpene profiles. 

Powerline Small Buds & Kief

You’ll experience a holistic smoking experience with a Supercharged Flower & Kief Claybourne’s Powerline. 

The product has an additional gram of kief that supplements the power pack’s small buds. 

Powerline is your best selection if you are ready to roll with Power Stack’s premium ground flower and kief. The hand-trimmed small buds are tested and contain full cannabinoid and terpene Profiles.

Flyers Pre-rolls

Claybourne flyers are quality pre-rolls crafted for a holistic revolutionary experience. The strain-specific pre-roll are ready to smoke. They are available in full flower and triple-infused forms and are naturally rolled.

Full Flower Flyers 

Diversify your experience with quality pre-rolls that are 100% indoor flower. The premium pre-rolls are strain-specific with a full flower nose and taste, flavors-free. With a kick of kief, they supercharge your experience. In addition, the premium flower has high potency due to high testing.

Triple Infused Flyers 

Enjoy the THC-rich cannabis oil, topped with Kief for higher elevation. The strain-specific pre-roll has high potency and is obtained from 100% Indoor Grown Flower. Besides being a premium indoor flower, the triple-infused flyers are rolled with high testing and no artificial flavors.

Eagle Extracts

Curated and crafted from Claybourne Co, Eagle extracts are premium concentrates made with indoor cannabis. They have high-quality concentrates in taste, aroma, and potency due to the unique terpenes and cannabinoid profiles. 


The indoor-grown cannabis is crafted under hydrocarbon extraction, heat, and pressure to create the dopiest THC diamonds.


If you are looking for a precisely pure product without loss of terpenes or cannabinoids, then Eagle Extracts Budder to become smooth and creamy.

Make Your Claybourne Cannabis Products Order Today!

Claybourne provides a myriad of products with high terpenes and cannabinoid profiles. 

If you need a cannabis delivery service from Claybourne Co., you can order from our online store at KOLAS. Upon purchase, we’ll take care of the shipping without any more hassles. 

So get your cannabis ingrained product, and let’s deliver for you today.

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