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WYLD gummiesWyld Cannabis Products: Fast Delivery throughout Sacramento, CA

Wyld is one of the largest producers of cannabis-infused edibles. The Californian Company offers diverse flavors of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid enhanced gummies. Here at KOLAS, we link you with Wyld by providing cannabis delivery services throughout the Sacramento, CA, area. Once you select your preferred delicious edible from our online store, we deliver it to your doorstep. 

Our Wyld cannabis delivery services are available in Blumenfeld, Elder Creek, South Watt, Fruitridge, Main Ave, and Florin Perkins.

Raspberry Sativa-infused Gummies

Are you looking for a euphoric and revitalizing experience? Raspberry Sativa edibles are made of raspberry fruit and enhanced with potent botanical terpenes. The gummies are ideal for refining your creativity, regaining your attention, and getting you out for an expedition.

Huckleberry Hybrid Enhanced Gummies 

If you are willing to remain cheerful all day, Huckleberry Hybrid gummies suit you. The edibles are crafted from real fruit and infused with a hybrid terpene profile to rejuvenate you. The edible is suitable for your day-to-day adventures.

Marionberry Indica Enhanced Gummies

Diversify your world with Marionberry gummies blended with Indica-enhanced botanical terpene and the real fruit. It’s ideal for your outdoor adventure or at home and provides you with an unwinding experience.

Pomegranate Gummies

With equal strains of THC and CBD, Pomegranate gummies compliment your adventure with an enjoyable and balanced elevation. The hybrid terpene blend makes the edibles unique, and if you are sensitive to edibles, Pomegranate gummies can be your starter pack. They are ideal during the yoga session or while climbing mountain peaks. 

Peach Gummies

Wyld’s peach gummies are blended on a ratio of 2:1 for CBD to THC. The balanced hybrid terpene profile provides overall wellness and alleviates stress.

Strawberry Gummies

Strawberry edibles have a higher   than THC and provide a relaxed body, keeping your mind alert and sharp. It’s also enhanced with cannabis-derived CBD oil. The edibles are ideal if you need to take the edge off. 

Pear Gummies

If you want to feel rejuvenated, pear gummies are the right edibles. The gummies contain THC, terpenes from hybrid strains, and CBG viable in providing restorative effects.

Elderberry Gummies 

This blend preps you for sleep based on the combination of sedating effects of CBN, THC, and terpenes contained in Indica. The edibles can provide greater sedation than THC alone.

Sour Apple Gummies

The Wyld’s edibles are Sativa enhanced to give you a euphoric and energizing experience. In addition, the blend of fruit and botanical terpenes gives you a twist and sparkle.

Sour Cherry Gummies

Sour Cherry Indica Enhanced edibles are viable for your inner thoughts since they perfectly unwind your life’s adventure. The gummies are made with a botanical terpene and real fruit.

Order Your Wyld Cannabis-Infused Gummies Today!

Wyld primarily focuses on producing cannabis edibles to ensure you enjoy the delicious bites with a revolutionary experience.

KOLAS is your best shot if you need an efficient way to get the delicious edibles from Wyld. Once you select the product from our online store, we deliver it to your preferred location.

We work diligently to ensure that all your cannabis delivery services are top-notch. You can now enjoy cannabis-enhanced gummies for your adventure. Don’t hesitate to click that button and elevate your mood with your preferred gummy flavor today.

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