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Tough Mama

KOLAS is delighted to offer products from a leader in creating bold and brave cannabis products, Tough Mama. Offering both flower and infused blunts Tough Mama is available at our Sacramento Dispensaries or for delivery straight to your door.

About Tough Mama

Don’t let the Tough Mama™ name scare you because she is not scary she just like things done right.  Are you tired of bland and boring cannabis flavors that are over-priced?  Then Tough Mama is is the mom you need a cannabis hug from.  Her amazing products are just as good as the ‘luxury’ products that are being sold for twice the price.  As they say it is as good as mama’s home cooking! KOLAS only partners with selected members in the industry so you can rest assured that it is a quality cannabis.  Shop Now and let’s put the fun back into getting baked!

Tough Mama Cannabis: Weaving a Tapestry of Quality and Innovation

Established with a vision to redefine the cannabis landscape, Tough Mama has emerged as a prominent player with a rich history steeped in passion and dedication. Founded in [year], the brand set out to challenge industry norms and carve a niche for itself through a commitment to quality and innovation.

A Journey Through Tough Mama’s History:

Tough Mama’s journey began with a group of cannabis enthusiasts who shared a common goal – to create a brand that not only delivered exceptional products but also pushed the boundaries of what cannabis could offer. From the cultivation of premium-grade strains to the development of innovative consumption methods, Tough Mama’s history is a testament to its founders’ relentless pursuit of excellence.

Tough Mama Flower Collection:

  1. Berry Bomb: Berry Bomb, a flagship strain in Tough Mama’s Flower collection, is a testament to the brand’s emphasis on quality genetics. Boasting a delightful fusion of berry flavors and potent effects, Berry Bomb exemplifies Tough Mama’s commitment to curating strains that deliver a memorable and enjoyable experience.
  2. Limewreck: Limewreck, another jewel in Tough Mama’s Flower lineup, captivates users with its zesty citrus notes and invigorating effects. Sourced and cultivated with precision, Limewreck reflects Tough Mama’s dedication to offering a diverse range of strains to cater to varying consumer preferences.
  3. Lotus Haze: Lotus Haze stands as an embodiment of Tough Mama’s foray into the world of uplifting and energizing strains. This carefully curated flower showcases the brand’s exploration of unique terpene profiles, adding depth and complexity to the cannabis experience.

Tough Mama Infused Blunts:

  1. Cherry Dosido: Cherry Dosido, a part of Tough Mama’s Infused Blunt collection, is a harmonious marriage of top-shelf flower and luscious cherry flavors. Each blunt is meticulously crafted, ensuring a consistent and flavorful smoke that reflects Tough Mama’s dedication to excellence.
  2. Grape Gas: Grape Gas adds a touch of sophistication to Tough Mama’s Infused Blunt lineup, combining the rich, fruity notes of grape with the robust essence of premium cannabis. These blunts showcase the brand’s commitment to providing users with a convenient and flavorful cannabis experience.


Tough Mama’s history and product offerings weave a tapestry of quality, innovation, and a profound understanding of the cannabis plant. From carefully cultivated flowers like Berry Bomb, Limewreck, and Lotus Haze to expertly crafted infused blunts in flavors like Cherry Dosido and Grape Gas, Tough Mama continues to leave an indelible mark on the cannabis industry, providing consumers with products that elevate the overall cannabis experience. As the brand evolves, its commitment to quality and innovation remains unwavering, promising a future filled with groundbreaking products and unforgettable cannabis moments.

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