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KOLAS is here for all your Sierra Oaks cannabis delivery services.

With the legalization of cannabis in northern California, KOLAS was born. Since then, it has developed into an influential cannabis delivery brand, an award-winning dispensary with six locations in the Sacramento region. But there’s more to KOLAS than just spreading joy to give you the best possible customer service. It promotes healthy, fun, and educational interactive sessions at KOLAS University. We’re thrilled you’re part of a team. So let’s go big and pound it.

Sacramento, California’s Sierra Oaks neighborhood, has 1,590 residents. One of California’s top locations to live in is Sierra Oaks, which is in Sacramento County. Famous places of Sierra Oaks are McKinley Park (Rose garden, pool & many activities), Sierra Oaks Park, and East Portal Park (Leafy green space with a playground). We provide our cannabis products in different areas such as Nort Highlands, Yuba City, Rocklin, Wilton, and many areas.


Cannabis is a medicine derived from hemp plants native to India, specifically Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. THC is cannabis’ primary chemically active component. Other names for cannabis include grass, pot, hash, marijuana, smoke, and hooch.

Medical Uses Of Cannabis

For ages, people have utilized cannabis for medicinal purposes. According to reports, cannabis may help treat a variety of ailments, including nausea and vomiting, especially when accompanied by chemotherapy; severe weight loss and wasting in people with HIV/AIDS, cancer, or anorexia nervosa; and pain relief, for example, in patients with cancer and arthritis; relief from symptoms of some neurological disorders that involve muscle spasms, such as multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury; glaucoma.

Types of Cannabis Products

There are more than 500 cannabis products available for purchase and consumption. Both smoking cannabis flower and vaping cannabis provide virtually immediate relief. Cannabis-infused edibles (gummies, candies, and baked goods) provide additional calories in addition to cannabinoids. Cannabis tinctures, pre-rolls, and concentrates can be used. Last but not least, budder has a creamy consistency that allows it to be scooped up with the fingers like dough or used in joints or pipes like any other kind of weed.

Brands We Carry

KOLAS delivers exceptional cannabis items directly to the place of your choice in Sierra Oaks. We provide a wide range of premium brands, top-notch goods, and a simple ordering process. Some of the top brands we carry are include:


Consider going to a medical dispensary if you want to buy marijuana in Sierra Oaks, California. In addition to tinctures, capsules, and topical ointments, these dispensaries are spread out over the state and provide a large selection of cannabis-related products. You can find the goods that meet your demands by simply scheduling a visit with a dispensary in your community.

Give us a call at 916-46KOLAS or send us an email at EXPERIENCE@KOLAS.COM if you need assistance selecting the ideal product.

Consider getting in touch with us immediately to learn more about the selection of cannabis products we offer and what makes the KOLAS family unique.

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Sacramento CA Cannabis Dispensaries

Visit one of our six Sacramento cannabis shops — open daily 7 AM – 9 PM

KOLAS Blumenfeld

1220 Blumenfeld Drive
Sacramento, CA 95815

License #C10-0000291-LIC


1704 Main Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95838

License #C10-0000348-LIC


6720 Fruitridge Rd Ste 120,
Sacramento, CA 95820

License #C10-0000099-LIC


1760 Challenge Way
Sacramento, CA 95815

License #C10-0001050-LIC


6435 Florin Perkins Road
Sacramento, CA 95828

License #C10-0000413-LIC


8848 Fruitridge Road
Sacramento, CA 95826

License #C10-0000350-LIC

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